Museum Apps Almost Better Than the Museum Itself

This is a guest post from Oraine Matthews.

The best museums are constantly in a state of change, from bringing in new exhibits, to leveraging new technology that best shows off their collection. Recorded museum tours are used in many museums as a way of giving you a personal tour guide without having to increase overhead to unsustainable levels. After all, the American Alliance of Museums reports 850 million visits to museum occur every year. Mobile technology lends itself well to replacing recorded tapes and MP3s, with a second screen experience allowing you to marvel at exhibits while getting the full backstory. Here are several of the most impressive museum apps to hit smartphones.

The Louvre

The Louvre Museum in Paris is world renowned for its fine art, and its app is just as impressive. This $1.20 app gives you extensive details on more than 100 of its exhibits. As you can’t get up close and personal with the original paintings in this collection, the app gives you stunning photos that allows you to truly enjoy the artwork down to its finest detail. It also gives you a museum map to plot out all of your exhibit visits.

The American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History has really outdone itself on its apps. They don’t only have one app — they have seven, and most of them are free. These apps address different exhibits, topic areas, and interests so you get the app that most suits your interests. Some of the apps offered include Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals, Explorer, Beyond Planet Earth, and Dinosaurs. These apps are available on iOS, with the exception of the North American Mammals App, which would work on T-mobile carrying the Galaxy S4 with the Android platform.

The Museum of Modern Art

MoMA is known for its innovative technology and forward-thinking strategies, especially when it comes to art, so it’s no wonder they have one of the best mobile apps out of any museum — and it’s free. The interface matches the style of the museum, with a trendy, modern look and color. You get features such as Today at MoMA, a list of exhibitions, and a separate list showing you the films available on exhibit.


The mobile tours category allows you to browse the tours by floor, look for audio files by the number, explore special exhibits, and access other audio tours. There’s a list of artists — so you can learn about the life and work of the creative minds behind each piece — a camera function to take great photos of the pictures, soundtracks for your MoMA tour, a YouTube video channel, podcasts, and iTunes.

One truly enjoyable aspect of exploring local culture involves finding museums, both large-scale and local-focused, for exploration. Sometimes, particularly obscure museums don’t bother with advertising or building awareness. When you’re stumped on where a museum could possibly be, iMuseum guides the way with museum news and content. You can search out information for your local area, or plan to visit an area specifically for its local culture. This is a free iOS app.

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