Wildfire launch Education Technology App

As part of our continued strategy to reach out to educational and education-related publishers, and to help facilitate the shift from print to digital and print in the educational marketplace, we’ve recently helped Wildfire Communications to bring their professional magazine, Education Technology to the App Store with a publishing app.

We’ve spoken before about how we see what’s commonly referred to as “educational publishing” as something conceptually broader and more all-encompassing than just textbooks for higher education, although naturally publishing apps for textbooks is naturally a huge part of this strategy.

For example, The Jewish Free School was an example of a fairly small, individual school employing publishing app technology to deliver news and information to stakeholders in the school’s welfare, like parents and governors. In this particular example, Education Technology is an excellent illustration of how education-focused magazines that are aimed towards professionals who work in a school environment can employ the same kind of publishing app technology, but geared towards very different ends.

More specifically, Education Technology is a publication geared directly towards IT professionals who work in the educational sphere, which aims to keep them abreast of the latest developments in aspects of their profession, such as network infrastructure, that may be of relevance to them. Naturally, IT professionals are more likely than the average person to own or use a tablet regularly, and as a result it makes sense for publications that are targeted towards professionals who are likely to be more technologically engaged to adopt an increasingly tablet-centric approach.

On a broader level it’s an interesting trend because we’re starting to see more “niche” publications, either with a purposefully small circulation number as they’re geared towards a specific demographic, like Education Technology, or publications created by fairly small organizations move over to a publishing app environment, essentially demarcating the tail-end of the migration from print to digital.

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