Profile Books paints an enhanced picture [Book of the week]

“We want our digital editions to be as good as our print editions.”

That’s why Digital Publishing Director of Profile Books Michael Bhaskar chose to work alongside YUDU in developing the digital edition of Simon Jenkin’s England’s 100 Best Views, which is currently ‘Book of the Week‘ in the iBookstore. (The Book of the week showcases the best books in the iBookstore, as selected by Apple)

With the hardback edition also being published on October 3, the precedent and exciting challenge was set for this very visual collection to be explored by YUDU’s use of iBooks Author in creating a truly interactive reading experience, using multimedia content, alongside the already high-definition images.

100 Best Views has the iconic face and insight of acclaimed journalist and author Simon Jenkins, who provides a truly British tour through some of England’s most picturesque landscapes, from the White Cliffs of Dover to Hadrian’s Wall to the Lake District. The digital edition will feature incredible 360 degree full-colour HD panoramic views and a luxurious interface with embedded live maps.

Jenkins’ 100 Best Views will be released as a complete edition, as well as regional editions for different areas, priced at £3.49, and a London edition available for free to download. All of these digital editions will be published alongside the hardback edition on October 3.

The collection represents Profile’s dedication to diverse content and strong voices, and YUDU’s commitment to designing content and adding functionality to books with already so much potential.

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