What Phablets Can Do For Publishers

As technology evolves, new gadgets and multimedia devices rise from the unknown to become worldwide must-haves and fundamentally pivotal to our day-to-day personal and business lives.  But, what exactly do you know about Phablets, how can they benefit publishers, and how are they more suitable for publishing apps than typical smartphones?

As one may suspect, the name Phablet is a portmanteau of the terms phone and tablet and meets most requirements and expectations of modern technology. With sales of tablets recently revised, phablets are starting to fly off the shelf.

Designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Phablet phenomena dates back to 2007 with leading brands such as Samsung, Dell and Nokia adding their trademark logos and signatures to their own individual design.  As technological demand grows, how can we compare the Phablet to the smartphone with direct relation to publishing apps and how can publishers benefit from the Phablet.

Similarly to the smartphone and tablet, the Phablet usually contains all the functions of a typical tablet or phone such as a mobile operating system, web browser, multimedia applications and integrated virtual keyboards.

Phablet screen sizes are likely to be larger than typical smartphones with average screen sizes between 5 and 7 inches.  High Definition is a very common feature in modern Phablets as visual technology continually develops.  Although the Phablet and Smartphone share some features, many publishing apps available for the Phablet are technologically more advanced than typical smartphones.

Graphic and web designers, book publishers, illustrators, chartered accountants and countless more professions benefit from publishing apps on Phablets with its simplistic touch screen usability, high definition picture quality and brand new, cutting edge technology.  Whether it’s infographs, visual statistics, picture notes, flyers or post cards, the publishing apps available on the Phablet are more suitable than the standard smartphone.

Many Phablets also have the capacity to publish on a variety of formats including PDF and JPEG ensuring compatibility across a variety of systems and hosts, a feature unavailable in many smartphones.

New technical features often omitted from standard smartphone publishing apps provide an altogether better experience for publishers.  Brand new textbox colours & fonts, size and shapes, as well as user-friendly interfaces, allow easy to use publication tools for all publisher needs.  Not only are publishing apps on the Phablet crammed with modern technology, additional features include multiple canvas’s, image reflection & shadow effects and pre-installed re-sizeable shape icons.

Whether you are creating the frontispiece of a magazine, power point presentation or birthday card, using publishing apps on the Phablet are better equipped to accommodate the growing demands of contemporary publishers.

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