Garnet Case Study – ELT

Utilizing digital technology to help teach foreign languages is not a novel idea. Fairly elaborate software solutions like Rosetta Stone have existed for over two decades (with a high degree of popularity). Therefore combining these proven digital methods with digital publishing seems like a natural fit for foreign language teaching and more specifically in this case, English language teaching (ELT). YUDU is no stranger to this, and digital ELT publishing forms just one part of what we can offer to educational publishers, of whom ELT publishers represent the most profitable sector amongst UK educational publishers.

To this end it’s useful to illustrate how one of our major ELT clients – and a huge player in the ELT space, Garnet Education, employ our technology to bring the best of traditionally print-orientated learning methods and the best of digitally orientated learning methods together to help enhance the experience and help students learn with greater efficiency, easy and rapidity. The degree to which English language teaching can benefit from the sorts of digital features that YUDU’s educational solutions offer (interactive HTML content such as quizzes that can be integrated with a school or college database, embedded video and audio and so on) can’t be stated enough. Indeed, the Guardian remarked last year that it was increasingly digital publishing technology that was setting the stage for how ELT methods and techniques were developing.

Together, Garnet and YUDU have helped put together a case study that outlines some of the challenges Garnet faced in bringing their material into a multiplatform digital format (Garnet have iOS and Android apps with YUDU alongside a browser solution), as well as their reasons for choosing YUDU as their vendor.

Chief among these were YUDU’s easy to use yet highly scalable back-end that allowed them to very quickly digitize and enhance books and push them out to their apps (a must when working around term deadlines), as well as YUDU’s cross-platform capabilities, which minimized the complications of delivering these editions to students across the globe; including the Middle East (one of their key markets). Alongside these two primary reasons, of particular interest to Garnet was our ability to synchronize any notes students had made across devices to one account, as well as our robust DRM and subscriber management options.

Naturally, this is an area where feature-richness counts for a lot, arguable even moreso than other educational sectors, so we’ll continue to provide examples of what we can offer to clients in this arena as our services develop further.

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