New Community app published: Grandin Press

Grandin Press, a publisher concerned with bringing families closer to Christ has just launched their Book of Mormon publishing app using YUDU technology, for iOS (Android to follow shortly).

It’s an excellent example of a publisher promoting an app clearly on their website, and key features being highlighted both online and in the app store.

The 32 eBooks in the app include:

  • Read-aloud audio with a dramatized audio soundtrack
  • Easy-to-use interactive controls
  • 1,100 hand-painted illustrations
  • 1,700 newly designed pages (easy to read on both tablets and mobile devices)

Grandin has leveraged the power of YUDU’s Dynamic Layers to deliver innovative features and benefits:

  • In book navigation controls using an animated “Bookmark Menu”
  • Stop and start read-aloud audio using in-book audio controls
  • Easily jump to any page in the entire 32-book set using a full set index
  • Show highlighted, original Book of Mormon reference text

By creating the eBooks for the app, Grandin Press will have access to relevant analytics (which you can’t get by submitting single books to the app stores), plus the ability to promote to readers long after the app has been initially downloaded. Essentially they’ve developed a mode of delivering their books to an active community whilst building an extra marketing stream.

The Book of Mormon – Illustrated app is free on the app store and book 1 of the 32 book series is also free and may be downloaded from YUDU inside the app itself.

For more information about creating a YUDU powered publishing app, contact



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