YUDU's Green Footprint

Here at YUDU we’re making an effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible, which is why we’ve made some positive changes.

Firstly we’ve migrated our cloud infrastructure to PEER 1 Hosting’s Building 5000, the United Kingdom’s most power-efficient datacenter. Located in Portsmouth, just south of London, the new datacenter is 95% more efficient than YUDU’s previous server house.


We’ve also moved our London office to ‘GreenWorks,’ a revolutionary building with experimental green spaces and vegetable gardens. Our move to the new GreenWorks office in Dog and Duck Yard, Holborn, London, positions us among an elite handful of organizations willing to pursue the most cutting edge practices in urban renewal. GreenWorks incorporates biotechnology with passive environment control systems to reduce energy consumption, improve citywide air quality, and cultivate urban produce. The GreenWorks office will boast green credentials comparable to YUDU’s Clitheroe headquarters, which is powered strictly by wind and solar energy. Both steps reinforce our commitment to providing clients with environmentally friendly solutions and reducing finite resource consumption.

Digital publishing platforms like YUDU have also contributed to steep reductions in paper usage. Indeed, RISI, an information provider for the forest products industry, expects paper usage in the publishing sectors to drop 12% to 21% between 2010 and 2015.

With a new power-efficient data center, green office, a deep commitment to reducing paper usage (and a robust internal recycling program), we’re demonstrating that we’re commitmet to greener business practices can synergize with an optimum business strategy.

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