Heading to France this year? New app launches

Publisher Kolibri Languages today launched their new app, which has been built using YUDU technology for both iOS and Android devices.

The guides in the app are written to help readers understand the French way of life in depth and speak French with confidence. There are audio clips to help learners get the pronunciation right!

Each book in the app comes with cultural tips, historical anecdotes, useful words and expressions.

Once downloaded, there’s the option to get free samples before purchasing a book from the series.

The digital version was created to make the content more accessible, after the publisher received feedback that the guides in their print format, although very helpful, weren’t ‘pocket-sized. This is no longer the case, as books in the app can be read on phones and tablets, whilst on the move.

Some quotes from Francophiles who’ve read the books:

‘It’s full of things you need to know, things you want to know, and things you need to know that you didn’t know you wanted to know. (Warning, you may be craving baguettes and crêpes by the time you’re done.)’ Stephanie

‘If I retire to France I will need just such a book to get me started.’ Jane Sherman

You can download the iOS and Android versions from today, and sign up to receive more tips for Francophiles as the series expands.


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