New updates to the YUDU education solution

Our cross-platform solution is being used globally by top education publishers to sell textbook content directly to students. The textbook apps can be accessed on all tablet devices (iOS, Android, Windows) and via a desktop app. Any notes and highlights can be synced across devices (check out this video) – the perfect solution for selling textbooks in the digital age!

We’ve recently released some updates which are explained below:

Categories – publishers can now store their textbooks in categories, making it easier to find the relevant book at the right time. For a schools publisher this might be to categorise the books by level of study, for ELT publisher this could be used to differentiate between listening skills books and dictionaries.

Rate my app – everyone knows that app ratings are highly influential in helping users determine what to purchase. The way this works is that after the user has opened the app a few times, a prompt will appear asking about the user’s experience of the app. It encourages happy users to leave a review, and unhappy users to send an email instead.

Registration screen – by adding a registration screen to the app, users are prompted to register their details, thereby providing the publisher with valuable feedback information on their audience.

Dynamic welcome pages – if you update your blogs and websites frequently, these updates can now be viewed directly in the app, automatically keeping your app up-to-date with your news. It does this by setting it to check a specified URL for updates.

Do drop us a line if you have more questions about YUDU Education ( or watch our video – more updates are on their way.

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