Entertainment Companies Venturing into the ebook Space





The YUDU books team are currently working on a very exciting project with an entertainment company and we can’t wait to share it with you once it goes live! This short report explores some of the differences in our approach so far and how this differs from book publishing projects we’ve worked on.

Creating an ebook for a book publisher is essentially adding a further stage to the process of creating a printed book. A stage where the printed book is re-imagined as a digital version. This process is about looking at the content and seeing how we can use different elements – illustrations, key events in the plot or important facts in the explanation. These elements are pulled out to ‘interact’ with the user be it to help them learn or bring an event to life through sounds and animation. Essentially it is about remaining true and sympathetic to the original printed book whilst ‘building’ in interactive elements to bring it to life.

Perhaps surprisingly, when creating an ebook for an entertainment/media company the process follows that of traditional publishing much more closely. Entertainment companies create TV shows, films, games etc so there is no pre-existing book to re-imagine. The book itself has to be created first using the established process of planning, writing and designing with the ultimate goal in mind of creating a digital format. Having this goal at the forefront of the creation process allows us to carefully create/select the assets we need. It influences every decision in the process, from layout, to character animation and enables the creation of the strongest digital experience.

Creating ebooks is somewhat new and unknown territory to book publishers but for entertainment companies it could seem like even more of a leap. The challenge is getting the two media to meet – taking something that is animated and recognized in that format and using it to create a format that aims to give the reader a completely different experience.

Of course, there are huge advantages the media company has in coming into this process. They bring a wealth of assets in terms of artwork, video, audio etc but perhaps more valuable is their wealth of experience in creating interactive products. They make things come to life for a living – they look at the characters, background scenes, pick up on humorous/key events in the plot and see ways of bringing them out to bring the story to life and entertain.

Our first Entertainment company e-book is due to go live very soon. With the marketing channels available at their fingertips and a brand well-loved by children, it’ll be interesting to see how they fare against other ebooks.

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