New Feature: Social Multiplier for Catalogs

More people than ever before are shopping online – via desktop, laptop or mobile devices, which is why it’s so important to us here at YUDU to constantly develop and improve our catalog solution.

Our latest feature release is a social multiplier. With advanced YUDU social sharing technology, consumers can now instantly share point of sale links for individual catalog items via email, Facebook and Twitter.

1. Select item to share

2. Select where to share

3. And share away












Exposure to a single user on a tablet now becomes a portal to social networks where thousands of potential buyers can reached and able to buy. Tracking codes provide data and clicks on the shared image go to the item on the ecommerce site for immediate purchase. The new feature can drive higher ROI and significantly increase customer engagement.

The new Social Multiplier has the potential to drive ROI even higher. With more than a billion people on Facebook (and approximately 680 million mobile users) and 500 million with Twitter accounts, social media platforms are the communication channel of choice for millions of consumers, who use Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with family and friends, share news and discuss products they’re interested in and purchases they’ve recently made.

The new feature allows catalog publishers to capitalize on this trend by linking each item shared on social networks directly to the appropriate portion of the eCommerce site, taking away additional steps the potential customer used to have to perform to reach the point of purchase and removing obstacles to making a sale. The streamlined process benefits retailers by improving conversions as recommendations from friends is always the most effective influence, but it’s also an advantage for consumers, who can now more easily share shopping news within their social circle via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Our catalog solution is currently used by top retailers worldwide, including Shop Direct Group, Littlewoods, LakelandVeryCrocs, Jockey and many others and our retailers have increased shopping cart value by as much as 50%, all while saving significant amounts on print and distribution.

For more on our catalog solution click here.

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