YUDU Education – new highlighting tool for textbooks

Tablet-based learning is not a fad. Last year Apple sold over 8 million tablets into schools internationally; and demand for other devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy, Avantis LearnPad and Windows tablets is increasing monthly. The demand for cross-platform publishing is rising for publishers, as tablets become increasingly integrated into classrooms.

We have just launched a new tool which will make digital learning even easier, and will help students to revise, review and focus on what they’ve learned in class.

… Introducing our new highlighting tool …

The 5 images below show the new tool in action. All highlights can be synced across the students’ devices, and also used in conjunction with our note-taking feature.

You can also watch a short video here.







1. The toolbar on the right gives students a selection of drawing tools to use with their digital textbook







2. The transparent nib allows students to highlight the most important part of the text







3. By using a thin nib, students can take notes on the page, and draw around specific activities in the book







4. Using the non-transparent nib, students can rule out parts of the textbook they don’t need to revise







5. All highlighting can be easily deleted using the toolbar

For more information on YUDU Education, please email education@yudu.com

3 replies

  1. Although the iPad has the largest sales, the overall sales growth of other educational tablet solutions like the LearnPad is outpacing the growth of Apple tablets: do you think other Android tablets will eventually overtake iPad sales?

  2. Hi David

    Android sales are certainly growing, especially in foreign markets but Apple always seem to have something new to come back with to spice things up. Guess time will tell……

  3. Hi Ana
    Yes they do and in 2012 Apple had a 48% increase in iPad sales, however an android tablet company had a 263% increase, with another enjoying a 402% year on year growth. I think that a lot of people are realizing that biggest in not necessarily best.

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