A rise in (a range of) tablets in the classroom

The education revolution, with tablets being used in classrooms, is starting with children as young as three. This morning’s Metro article, ‘Education is changing as tablet companies battle to get a piece of the classroom action’ refers to schools in Britain such as the Essa Academy in Bolton, Lancashire, and Cedars School of Excellence in Greenock, Scotland who have handed out iPads to pupils, arguing digital content improves engagement.

Last week News Corp announced the release of their new tablet for US schools, which at only $299 is set to compete heavily with the iPad. The idea behind the new device, is that it will offer proprietary software that will lock educators into using the hardware. It also includes learning programmes for students and teachers, allowing progress and attendance to be monitored. However, with the recent rise of BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives in schools, the potential of a hardware lock-in is debatable.

One of our clients, Folens, have released eBook apps for Android, Apple, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Pro. From the feedback in this video, giving access to their content across a multitude of platforms is most effective. The key, according to one teacher is to ‘give parents the choice whether to invest or not, and to not put anyone under pressure’.

Aside from the tech giants battling out the education space in 2013, there are also specialists in schools looking to give evidence of the educational benefits of using technology in the classroom. Online assessment, website creation projects and the ability to research a wealth of information easily are the obvious benefits.

By allowing a range of tablets in the classroom, more students are able to take advantage of new technologies. Education is changing; and we hope to help enable it to change for everyone.

Find out more about YUDU Education here.

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