Amazon 'In App Purchases'

Whilst enjoying the train journey from Clitheroe to Edinburgh to attend a publishing event earlier this week I noticed the variety of tablets and devices used by passengers to pass the time. Gone are the days of pure Apple dominance, I saw Kindle Fire’s, Nexus 7’s and of course a few iPad’s too.

Android devices have multiple app stores (Amazon & Google) and the Kindle Fire only uses the Amazon app store and with the increased popularity of Android/Kindle Fire tablets more publishers wish to sell content via the Amazon app store. So with this in mind we are pleased to announce that publishers who utilise our Android app solution can now sell single editions via the Amazon app store, in addition to already selling editions via Google Play app store.ts varied from Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 and of course the classic, the iPad.

This allows publishers who have Android apps to benefit from  two revenue streams, with visibility on both ‘Google Play’ and ‘Amazon App Store’. This is in addition to publishers already having the ability of a ‘login’ option for print subscribers, or subscriptions purchased via a publishers website. So YUDU’s Android app solution now offers multiple options to suit both the publisher and the reader base on how and where they want to purchase content.

The process of setting up an Amazon ‘In App Purchase’ is relatively simple and our production department can answer any questions on what is required to implement this new feature. For further info contact your account manager or


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