Next Monday (4th March) we will be joining a panel of speakers arguing the case for or against DRM in book publishing.

DRM is a controversial topic across the board. There is clearly less piracy when books are published DRM-free, however, is this a good thing? Some authors claim that piracy itself has been a benefit to their sales, as they have been able to reach markets purely via these networks.

Some speak about the disadvantage of readers being locked into one platform. If you purchase your books via Amazon and then purchase a Kobo ereader you can no longer read your book on your device. This is a fair point against the use of DRM. However, if there is no DRM at all how can creativity be rewarded? How happy would an author be knowing that that all of their creative efforts are being shared for free and read at the same time on multiple devices? We don’t think this is a sustainable business model either.

The event will kick off at 1.30, and the presentations from each of the panelists are due to start at 2.30. Each attendee will vote for or against DRM both at the beginning and the end of the event. A testament to see if anyone can be persuaded by the panel’s conclusions.

Both Laura and Christian will be there. It would be great to see some familiar faces, as we battle it out in the debate. Tickets are on sale until 1.30 on Thursday and can be purchased here.

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