Another great app example

It’s always a pleasure to see clients go to town when it comes to adding interactivity and depth to their pages, which is why it was such a delight when we saw what Precor had created using the YUDU publishing platform.

As one of the world’s largest commercial fitness equipment suppliers Precor wanted to make sure their editions did their products justice, and in this they certainly succeeded. Their series of brochures are part product information/part fitness guide, using the YUDU dynamic layers tools throughout to provide interactive and video instructions on all the instruments available.

For a full grasp of how media rich their brochures are install the Precor app now on your iOS device. And if you’d like to to see more examples of clients putting the interactive YUDU publishing tools to great use simply download the YUDU app or get in touch with us via email for advice on how to get your editions up to scratch.


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  1. I hope it can do something in app world. Actually I am a big fan of precor but app world is a bit hard to do somehing. I will try that. Thanks!!

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