Creating Children’s Books with iBooks Author

The books team here at YUDU are hard at work creating digital books for new and returning clients including Bloomsbury and Oxford University Press and I can sense an excited buzz in the air as we preview our latest creation.

Coming from a book publishing background in children’s books, I have to admit I was a little cautious about taking the leap into the digital world. But three months into my role working on children’s digital books here, I can honestly say… wow!

Being a firm believer that when creating a children’s book we should never lose sight of the child and how they’ll use it, I’ve seen that using iBooks Author enables us to really push the book further. We can now bring it to life as an educational and fun interactive experience filled with surprises – perfect for the abundance of curiosity little ones have!

YUDU are working on some exciting digital children’s books in which we’re combining our expertise in strong design and creating bespoke interactive elements with the features iBooks Author offers and the results are impressing our clients!

One of the most recent is a series of two iBooks using The Froobles brand created by Top That! Publishing. These digital story and activity books let children tap, swipe, listen, read, draw, colour, and sing-along as they go off on an adventure with their favourite characters.

Tap to make the magic beanstalk grow up from the ground!
Tap to make a fire-breathing dragon swoop onto the screen with a loud roar!
Have fun colouring a Froobles scene, then email it to friends to show off your masterpiece!
Sing along to the song Apps Apple is listening to on her iPod.
Tap and watch as The Froobles pull up a tent for a magic show!

There are more exciting digital children’s books from YUDU yet to come … watch this space!


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  1. I’m looking for more than just a character that bobbles back and forth on a page (this is why I’m not doing it myself). If you can do Epub3 with interactivity and impressive animation and audio, can convert to an app and also to mp4/video, please send me a link of samples (that show animation). Thanks!

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