The iPad & co. mean business

The digital revolution of the past two decades, jump started by the arrival of the internet, has had an undeniably substantial impact on the way business is conducted around the world; In many cases it’s changed it entirely, while in others obliterated it as a whole. But even before the long gone days of dial up the office space has been subject to a continual state of flux in line with that of technology’s progress. Unsurprisingly, the latest of these shifts comes in the form of the tablet.

But more specifically, in the form of the iPad – well, if you believe Apple’s CEO that is. Tim Cook, the man in question, recently declared with much aplomb that despite the growing number of competitors their device was currently being tested or deployed by 92% of the Fortune 500 companies. That’s 460 of the biggest companies in the United States potentially backing the Apple model over and above the competition. A bold statement, to say the least.

But whether Apple’s boasting is to be taken seriously or not the clear message from their declaration is that the biggest and the best corporations have decided that the tablet is here to stay, having already, after just 3 years since its arrival, cemented its place as a business tool.

Foreseeing this turn of events some time ago we set about creating an app model that would properly equip businesses with the tools they’d need to make the tablet integration as smooth and seamless as possible. The result is our Enterprise and Closed Access app solution, which provides companies with a perfect way of securely distributing internal communications such as sales materials, training guides, newsletters or marketing collateral. The closed access option allows for an additional level of security, ensuring that employees enter their credentials before having access to any of the content available to them. And on the more technical side, rest assured as we use HTTPS encrypted URLs to deliver downloaded content, as well as employing Digital Right’s Management (DRM) systems across our cloud publishing platform to control access depending on individual employees’ clearance levels.

With all the usual YUDU benefits in place as well, such as  up to date version control through the self-publishing portal or rich media and interactivity enhancements, the Enterprise and Closed Access app model can be the perfect way to incorporate tablet devices into the day to day running of your business, for added efficiency, ensured accuracy and the highest security.

For more information, a free preview or a quote please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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