Bookmachine in the TOC final!

We are keeping our fingers crossed for Bookmachine and our very own Laura Austin who has travelled over the pond to attend the Tools of Change conference in New York. Bookmachine has been selected as one of the top 10 publishing start ups – already a great achievement. You can see the finalists and details of the event here.

Below are some lovely things that people say about Bookmachine, and I for one can’t wait until their is up and running!

‘ – great idea made awesome by a fabulous UI. Will prove a key service to the trade.’ Paul Rhodes, Orb-Entertainment

‘ represents a publishing breakthrough. The site offers clear concise access to a network of people you actually want access to. Not a pretentious collection of literary elite, but those getting stuff done and loving what they do.’ Dean Johnson, Brandwidth

‘Long live BookMachine! “.org” is full of news and events and “.me” will be THE place for publishing people to find one another.’ Charly Ford, Osprey Group

‘ has huge potential as a simple, easy-to-use service to speed up digital collaborations.’ Anna Lewis, Valobox

‘ will be an invaluable resource for publishers looking to diversify their skills both in house and freelance.’ Felice Howden, Little, Brown Publishers is a brilliant platform for those who care passionately about the Publishing industry. It’s easy to use and great fun adding links to your portfolio. You can quickly establish who has the skills and experiences you need for a project. And having real links within your page helps to add value & kudos instantly. Sophie O’Rourke, EMC Design

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