Client Spotlight: Shop Direct

As the UK’s largest online and home shopping retailer, it really was a no brainer to use Shop Direct for one of our Client Spotlight features.

Shop Direct’s digital success since partnering with YUDU in 2009 is undeniable, as the retail giant has consistently seen higher basket values from within their digital catalogues than via their website. The fact that their apps are regularly featured in Apple’s Top Ten category section – although, with Very currently sitting at number three behind the likes of Emoji and Facebook Photobooth, it’s fair to say they are the true top catalogue app – is another clear indication of their digital efforts going from strength to strength.

So take a look at our Shop Direct Client Spotlight to learn more, and watch the client testimonial video to hear Jonathan Hudson, Social and Mobile Lead for the firm, wax lyrical about all things YUDU.

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  1. It sells more than 800 brands, including major fashion brands and private labels, and delivers over 25 million packages each year to more than five million active customers. It is the ideal partner for any business.

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