The iPad gets even bigger – 128gb model announced

It’s almost three years to the day that Steve Jobs took the stage for his Keynote speech that first unveiled the iPad, thus changing the world forever! Well, the world of personal computing at least. No one can deny the significance of that announcement, but last night’s? Well, not so earth shattering, as Apple added a 128gb version of the device to its range.

The new model is otherwise identical to the fourth generation iPad that was launched in October 2012, which in itself only significantly differed from the third generation New iPad in the introduction of Apple’s controversial lightening connector.

The technology giant has stated that the move to increase storage space is in response to user habits, claiming that the device is now being used more regularly for business, particularly for tasks involving increasingly larger file sizes such as HD video, 3D renders or movie editing. However, the news comes just days after Microsoft unveiled its own plans to launch a 128gb version of its Surface Pro tablet, leading to internet speculation that Apple’s latest move is more reactionary to Microsoft’s than they’d like to admit – all to ensure its platform continues to dominate the market.

In an interesting twist of events, it’s since been released that only 83gb of the Surface Pro’s 128gb model will actually be ‘useable’, as where it’s expected that around 114gb of the new iPad model’s will be accessible. You have to give it to Microsoft for trying, but If this is the case, then it might just be checkmate to Apple yet again.

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