Olympus Magazine goes digital – and in style…

As one of the leading manufacturers in the camera industry, Olympus knew that their venture into the world of digital magazines needed to stand out.

Having enlisted the talents of Bright Publishing to produce their title they decided that it was the YUDU Publishing Platform that would allow them to achieve this.

The result is a digital magazine that actually feels like a magazine but with all the added depth that the digital platforms provide: Uncomplicated but rich, interactive but intuitive, true to itself but innovative in its approach.

With both the desktop digital editions and the iPad version the team at Bright Publishing have managed to bring the pages to life with a wealth of animated and interactive elements. Their use of Dynamic Layers on the mobile version of the magazine are among the best examples we’ve seen here at YUDU, so hats off to them for some outstanding work.

To see some of features in action, watch our video spotlight of their iPad app.

The magazine, which comes full of photo project ideas, image galleries and competitions, is released on a monthly basis. Download their app or subscribe to the desktop version for free now to ensure you don’t miss out!

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