New and Improved…

We thought it was about time our own app had a bit of a update. So, after some hard work from our production team we’re delighted to announce the release of the new and improved YUDU Media app – rejoice!

You can update your current version or download it for the first time from the Apple App Store, with the Android version coming soon – promise.

As well as a serious design makeover (we hope you like yellow) the new app features a category screen that segments all of the extremely useful and informative content according to sectors: Magazines, Books, Catalogs, Education and Corporate.

Within each of these categories you’ll find further options that lead to a selection of guides, videos, case studies and client examples to help give you a better understanding of the YUDU platform, its potential and how it’s being used.

In among the content available we’ve gathered some brilliant editions produced by some of our top clients, displaying excellent design, inclusion of rich media and use of the interactive tools available.

So by all means download the new upgraded version of the app and explore it for yourself – but keep an eye out for new material as we’ll be adding more content to each of the category segments on a regular basis.

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