Captain Pugwash goes Digital too!

Captain Pugwash books are being digitized for both the iBookstore and Kindle Fire. The new venture sees publisher, Frances Lincoln, who were acquired by Quarto in 2011, continuing their success in illustrated ebook space.

The YUDU books team have been working closely with Svein Clouston, Digital Publishing Manager to convert these old classics for new devices.

“Pugwash is a timeless classic – a series that both kids and parents love,” says Svein. “YUDU have made the conversion process easy and we are very excited to be working with them and looking forward to releasing all 7 books in the series”.

Everyone has had some interaction with the fictional pirate, Pugwash. Whether you admit to remembering the first colour series in 1975, or are lucky enough to have been watching the animated series from 1998 – he is likely to have impacted your childhood at some point. This is good news for the publisher most children’s books are purchased by an adult who has once                                                                     read the book. The YUDU books team look                                                                             forward to working on the rest of the series.


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