Christmas 2012 saw a Record-Breaking Number of Smart Device Activations and App Downloads

What did you get for Christmas? The likelihood is that a brand new, shiny tablet was lying wrapped beautifully underneath your tree, according to a new study by Flurry Analytics. We all knew that Christmas Day was going to produce some pretty impressive figures in terms of activations and app downloads, but no one could have predicted the astonishing figures that were experienced…

On Christmas Day 2012, activations soared to more than 17.4 million, that’s a massive 332% increase over the December baseline ! This has set a new record, with Christmas 2011 seeing 6.8 million device activations overall.

So, what does this mean in terms of app downloads? Well, the number more than doubled! On Christmas Day, 328 million new apps were downloaded, an impressive 112% increase on the December average. Despite the ever-growing installed base of existing smart devices, the influx of new devices on Christmas Day still helped to deliver a record download day, topping all previous records.

This is all good news for YUDU and those that have content in the app stores, as 2013 is set to be another record-breaking year. For those that are yet to make the move on to tablets and smartphones… the time is now, as evidence shows that it can only be a great place to be…


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