Readers Prefer 'Print-Like' Newsreading Experience on Tablets

A new study by Pew Research Center and The Economist has found that 60% of Americans under the age of 40 prefer a traditional, print-like news reading experience on tablets and those older than 40 expressed similar preferences.

The full article is available via mashable here.

This research is very interesting and demonstrates how valuable our platform is in the market place. A publisher has to satisfy a significant minority with interactive elements, this split is likely to differ by audience; magazines that are text content heavy will not necessarily want interactivity, but other magazines will, therefore if a publishing house has a portfolio of magazines they need a platform that can deliver both, YUDU can. Our self publishing system allows publishers to upload print ready pdf’s that can be published as they are, if a publisher wants to enhance publications with rich media, html and additional table specific content then that’s simple and easy too – the publisher is in complete control.


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