iBooks Author 2 – New features and benefits

Last month saw the much-anticipated release of Apple’s iPad Mini along with an updated version of iBooks Author, including various new features, which I will write about in this article.

Firstly, I was expecting the iPad Mini to be Apple’s attempt at catching up with Google’s Nexus tablet, or the Nook and Kindle Fire. However, I was once again (just like the first time I played with an iPad) stunned by how brilliant this little Apple device is. Far from being a catch up product, I believe Apple have produced yet another market leader. The screen does not feel small or constrained like that of a Nexus or a Fire, or maybe that was because I was using it to view our iBooks Author titles on which scale perfectly to the device. I think it is imperative from a content perspective that the likes of Amazon and Google start investing in tools like iBooks Author (if they haven’t already) that can make their devices look great with incredibly engaging bits of software and content.

Moving onto the new iBooks Author features, here is a list of new widgets and features, which I will expand on below:

1) Portrait only books

2) Embedding of custom fonts

3) Vertical scrolling text

4) Pop-Over widgets

5) Support for mathematical expressions with new native equation editing.

6) Ability to have an image trigger an audio file.

7) Version numbering for books

1) The portrait only feature now enables graphic designers to create specific designs for this viewing option on the iPad.

2) The embedding of custom fonts is a great feature for customizing professional publications.

3) Vertical scrolling text feature is something, which allows publishers to add extra text and images onto a slide/screen without having to increase the amount of space for it. This gives designers much more flexibility when it comes to page layout options.

4) Pop-over widgets are a great feature for hiding text behind images, which only appears on tap. There are many creative uses for this feature.

5) Using and being able to search for Mathematical expressions is a great feature which will be of great use to academics and educational publishers.

6) Image trigger. This feature has great uses for children’s books and anywhere you want to create a ‘button’ effect, and trigger a sound. The buttons even move slightly as you press them, which give the illusion of a 3D object.

7) Version numbering. This is an exciting new development for complex projects or when there are updated features and extra content to add at later dates. Whilst this slightly takes the pressure off getting everything right first time, it should not be an excuse to publish work that doesn’t meet high standards!


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