Newsweek Setting an Example

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, it’s why we love to watch old movies from our childhood and play long forgotten computer systems (I adore my Amiga). A recent video article on the BBC news website introduced children to technology from past (Commodore 64) to gauge their reaction to what would seem to them like pre historic technology! Click Here to see the outcome.

This made me think; in twenty years’ time will we see the same studies where similar aged children marvel at how we consumed news/literature back in the day? and will the children of today read physical books/newspapers for nostalgia when adults?

The above is posturing on the future, let’s focus on the here and now…..

The transition from physical content to digital has been progressing for some time at a fairly slow pace. However with major players such as Newsweekly setting an example with their recent move to digital only after 80 years of physical print the pace is set to change, Newsweekly estimated the move will save them $42 million in print and distribution costs. Closer to home the Guardian are ‘seriously discussing’ an end to print edition to help stem losses of £44m a year.

One common theme between the above two examples is cost; printing and distributing physical content is not a cheap exercise, whereas digital solutions such as YUDU’s Publishing Platform offer the opportunity to reduce prints cost and reach a global audience by having an app available on a device that has an install base of more than 100 million devices.

At YUDU we’ve always been ahead of the curve, but the market is starting to come to us as publishers are taking digital content seriously. The YUDU publishing platform delivers an easy way for publishers to fulfill that goal.

What encapsulated the above for me occurred on a recent train journey; when making my way to the food cart I noticed several children doing their homework not in exercise books but on tablets! These are the same children who get their information from the web so why would there need to buy a physical newspaper or book!

As Bob Dylan once wrote “The times are a changing”


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