iPad mini

Yesterday, Apple announced their new form factor iPad (and a spec bump to the existing full size iPad), with the iPad mini.

The main thing to note (particularly if you’re used to the iPad 3), is that it isn’t a smaller version of the iPad3, but more like a redesigned iPad 2. It’s smaller, thinner and has a redesigned case from the iPad 2, but keeps the same processor and display (although the display is smaller, and hence the pixel density is higher).

That display resolution is 1024 x 768, which means all of your existing iPad Apps (including ours) will work just fine, without any need for updates or patches.

Apple also released upgraded versions of iBooks (and iBooks Author, which we’ll cover seperately), and clearly intend to continue improving and pushing the education market, both for Apps and iBooks.

That said, the new device isn’t that much cheaper (about £60/$70) than a base spec iPad 2, and that’s often the primary concern for the education market.

Upgraded cameras, Siri, and the new Lightning connector round out the package for a solid product.


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