Recent Feature Additions – Android

I am a self-confessed gadget geek and consume content on multiple platforms/devices. Recently I dipped my toe into the world of Android by purchasing a Google Nexus 7 and must confess it’s a nice piece of kit. Recently when using one of our clients apps on this device it was apparent that our Android offering has improved significantly, since it was first released. Our Android solution is getting closer to achieving parity with our iOS offering, which prompted me to blog about some of the latest Android features.

Possibly one of the most requested features from clients ‘Purchase Single Magazine’ is now available and allows publishers to sell magazines via the Google Play Store with minimal setup; all you require is a Google Merchant account.

Not really a show stopper, the ‘Edition Details Page’ was created as part of the ‘Purchase Magazine’ development as this allows a reader to purchase a single magazine. I thought it was worth mentioning as publishers can now add descriptions to this page which gives the reader a taster of what is contained inside the magazine.

Our Android solution now offers a ‘Subscriber Login’ button, publishers can grant existing print/digital subscribers access to their content on iOS/Android/Web Browser. This is only possible if your subscriber data is held on YUDU Pro or a third party fulfilment house.

When a reader taps on a URL the app will activate the ‘In App Browser’ which allows the reader to browse the web page and internet without leaving the app. This means that the readers journey is not interrupted by being forwarded onto the default browser. When within the ‘In App Browser’ the user simply needs to tap on the ‘return to edition’ button to be directed back to the magazine.

This will be the first of a series of blog posts that highlight recently added features to the YUDU app solution.

If you need any further information please get in touch via email (

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