YUDU Books team head to Frankfurt

Visit us at Frankfurt Bookfair

The YUDU Books team are at Frankfurt Bookfair from Wednesday 10th to Saturday 13th October. This year we’ll have two stands, one in Hall 8 (trade) and the other in Hall 4.2 (education).

YUDU Education (Hall 4.2 D1442)

Come and join us for the launch of YUDU Education, as mentioned in Digital Book World and The Next Web. We’ll be showcasing new features added on to the YUDU platform, such as note taking and page clippings. Great tools for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education. Check out this 2 minute video showing how this works.

To coincide with the launch, our CEO, Richard Stephenson, will be giving a talk on ‘How Textbook publishers can sell direct online’. (Friday 12th, 15.00 – 15.30 Hot Spot Education 4.2 C1437)

YUDU Media (Hall 8 L973)

As the digital landscape is expanding, so is the need for publishers to create content for a number of devices. Our team are now able to convert your books for digital distribution on the iBookstore, Kobo, Kindle Fire, Android tablets, Nook and the Web. There are a number of enhancements available for this such as read aloud features, multi – media insertions and a variety of animations.

We have developed a specialist team who can work with your content to create interactive, multi-media books in iBooks Author. Apple’s IBA was only launched this year and already there are a number of impressive titles showcasing the best in interactivity, at the fraction of the cost of an app build.

To find out more about iBooks Author, our CEO, Richard Stephenson, will be giving a talk on YUDU’s creative process of working in this new format. ‘Re-imagining books using iBA’. (Wednesday 10th, 13.00 – 13.30 Hot Spot Digital Innovation 8.0 L973)


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