We welcome the iPhone 5

It’s out – and yes, pretty much everything we’ve expected is in the new iPhone with the leaks coming in the previous weeks dealing with all aspects of it’s design; taller, lighter, thinner with that new (and so expensive to update all your cables) Lightning dock connector.

But it’s not all that interesting as a device, and perhaps it just shouldn’t be. No, really. (Disclosure: Yes, I’ll still get one).

Why? Because at this point, the phone itself is very mature, the sixth version, and while it’s very good, at the same time, it can never be as great an impact as the earlier devices. The next big deal would be something like another leap in screen resolution, and I doubt we’ll see that for a few years yet.

More important for us is the software it runs on, iOS 6 (which you’ll be able to run on older devices just fine, with some features disabled), which gives us some really great new tools to improve our app framework. Twitter integration is already rolling out for iOS 5, but 6 gives us Facebook integration, and that will be available shortly after release too (it’s already been developed, we just couldn’t turn it on until after release).

The big change here is the screen aspect ratio, and thankfully, it’s not a stumbling block. Apple will run older apps in a letterbox mode, and have said that developers will find it easy to update to using the full screen size – if so, we’ll send out a small update to aid those people with the shiny, new block of aluminium and glass!


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