Meet the Innovators: Innovating on a Budget

Innovating on a Budget: Does your digital strategy keep you ahead of the competition without busting your budget?

On September 27th our CTO  Toby Powell will be flying state side to present at the MPA’s Meet the Innovators in NY where he will present some of the most important current and upcoming challenges for digital publications – and what you can do about them.

The session will discuss whether your digital roadmap let you produce innovative content without breaking the bank? And if not, what will you do about it?

Topics covered include:

Not the destination but the journey. In digital publishing, the end result is the less important than how you get there – what does it take to produce your content, and how can you get the best result for the least cost?

The interactivity puzzle. Consumer expectations for digital content get steadily more demanding. But only a very few titles can afford to invest dozens or hundreds of hours enhancing a single edition. How can publishers add original animations and interactive content, tailored to their titles, without a crippling high investment of time?

The PDF is not enough. The majority of current digital publications use a PDF-based replica design, usually flattened to images. Presenting content as HTML instead has vast potential – but comes with signficant trade-offs in terms of effort needed to produce the content and flexibility of layout. What routes are availabe to best take advantage of the potential of HTML while minimizing costs?

The event is free to mpa members or $95 for non members, if you’d like to attend please click here for registration.

We hope to see you there!


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