Exploring opportunities for ad serving into iPad apps and iPad editions @ PPA Conference

Our CEO Richard Stephenson will be joined by Lisa Shaver, Sales Manager at ADTECH UK to  ‘Explore the opportunities for ad serving into iPad apps and iPad editions’ at 10am tomorrow. The seminar is free to attend, to register click the exhibition tab here.

The full session description is below.

The mobile Internet has fast become a popular communication medium and for many users, life can no longer be imagined without it. As the number of mobile Internet users increasingly rises, advertising on the mobile web becomes more and more significant. This session will discuss the opportunities available to publishers, walking through the capabilities of the Mobile SDK and the importance of the MRAID seal for Rich Media ad delivery in Mobile Apps.

We hope to see you there tomorrow.


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  1. Mobile network is more and more important, the ipad has become a trend of the product, we have from Internet. Lolo, Google search can find a mobile network in the application of the ipad

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