YUDU iPad Catalogues See 50% Rise in Basket Size


We’ve just released stats for the iPad eCatalogues we produce for a number of the world’s leading retailers.  At the time of writing our apps account for 25% of the US top 20 iPad digital catalogues in the app category on the App store, as well as a number for leading UK retailers so we feel the stats are indicative of a wider digital trend for the iPad.

Perhaps the most startling stat we’ve uncovered is that basket sizes for iPad eCatalogues are typically 50% higher compared to a retailer’s standard website shopping cart.  This is a remarkable figure and we think it’s due to the iPad being a far friendlier and usable consumer device.

People tend to relax and have ‘downtime’ with the iPad, with viewing figures peaking later in the evening and at weekends.  This relaxed setting allows people to really engage with eCatalogues in a way that they don’t with PC’s and laptops.

Two other notable stats are that the average online iPad catalogue experiences 2,500 individual customer views per week and, just as significantly, 35% of all visitors are voluntarily choosing to register their personal details for future marketing purposes.

Overall, the stats are hugely encouraging and with 65 million iPads set to be sold in 2012, the future for iPad eCatalogues is huge.  Below you can view our CEO, Richard Stephenson, talk about YUDU’s iPad catalogue apps.


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