New In-App Category Feature Enables Publishers to Monetize Content

Publishers can now use YUDU’s new in-app categories to create back issue iPad apps that can provide a new revenue stream for magazine and newspaper titles.

The new feature is available on the Premier App and allows publishers with large archives of valuable content to publish specific libraries organised into designated folders. These categories can be organised by year, month or by week, depending on the content.

The YUDU Premier Publishing System makes the whole process quick and easy; through our cloud system, publishers are able to upload, enhance and publish large amounts of content effortlessly.


We’ve set out to make this in-app category feature as customisable as possible. Publishers can drop in their own HTML templates to ensure the look and navigation is consistent with the brand and the reader’s expectations. The labelling of each category is also completely determined by the publisher.

In-App Categories’ Versatility

The new Premier App feature potentially has multiple other uses, such as:

  • Multiple titles in the same app in separate sections
  • Different language version in their own language section
  • Reader offers and promotions separated from the magazine or paper

For more information about how you can start monetising your back issues, email


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