Easi-App for Apple Newsstand

Easi-App for Apple Newsstand

Easi-app is the quickest, simplest, most cost-effective way for magazine titles to get onto the Apple Newsstand.

YUDU’s Easi-App has been specifically designed with the needs of magazine publishers in mind. Our easy-to-use self-publishing system provides all the tools necessary to build an app for Newsstand and publish your magazine title. The whole process is straightforward, fast and hassle-free!

The pricing structure is easy: Low app price paid quarterly and block page purchases.We don’t believe in penalizing success. Just straightforward pricing where the publisher keeps all the revenue!


Why Apple Newsstand?

Downloads of YUDU clients’ magazine apps have been up to five times higher and, on average, more than double since Newsstand’s launch. Newsstand provides a single access point for digital magazines and newspapers on the iPad. It improves visibility and provides a streamlined system which centralizes purchasing, subscriptions and delivery of content. For more information on the Apple Newsstand, click here.

We hope this will help publishers take their first steps into the digital publishing world, any questions just email us here easi-app@yudu.com.


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  1. Hi I would like to know what it costs to publish a semi anualy publication (65 pages) on the apple newstand.

    Thank you very much,


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