Kindle Fire Burns Brightly

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was predicted to shake up the Android tablet world – and it appears to be doing just that.

Analytics firm Flurry have released some interesting data on Android tablet usage. Whereas most market share numbers report the number of devices shipped or sold, they’ve looked at the number of user sessions – that is, instances of a user opening an app. (Naturally they can only measure apps which use their software, but that’s likely to be a fairly representative sample.)

In less than three months, usage of Fire apps has rocketed up to parity with the much longer established Samsung Galaxy Tab:

What’s more, their analysis of the number of paid downloads on the Tab and the Fire suggests that the Fire is already hugely outstripping the Tab in revenue:

Something I’d like to highlight here is that these numbers are for app revenue only. Amazon is known for its success in selling books and music, so good sales in those media on the Fire would be natural; but these numbers demonstrate that they’re extending that success to app sales as well.


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