New feature: product wish list!

As well as the bookmarks feature described in the post last week, the second new feature developed in partnership with L.L. Bean is our wish list for catalogues. This is also now complete, and works as follows.

Normally, touching a product in one of our catalogues takes the user through to the web site page for them to buy it. If the user’s offline, that’s not possible. With the new feature, touching a product while offline adds it to the user’s wish list. They can also add items to their wish list even while they’re online, by touching and holding an item.

You’ll notice another new button on the toolbar:

The new toolbar button opens a screen letting the user browse through the items they’ve wish listed:

From the wish list, the user can jump back to the page with that product on, or out to the website to purchase it. They can also send a link to it to a friend:

If the recipient opens the link on a device with the app installed, they are passed straight through to the page showing the product.

And as with the bookmarks feature, pages containing wish listed items are highlighted in the page navigator:

If you’re using the US or the Japanese app store, you can download the LL Bean app here.

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