Quick Guide to App Marketing: Tip 7 – Press Releases

Today is the final tip from our Quick Guide to App Marketing: Press Releases

Distributing a press release continues to be one of the most powerful tools for getting coverage. A targeted release will help increase your Apps publicity- but in order for a press release to be picked up it must be attention-grabbing and sharp, highlting the key facts with no fluff.

A press release about Reader’s Digest’s app picked up by Media Week, see more examples here

If you have a news section on your website update it with news about your app.

Virgin Holiday’s news section, see more examples here.





Do some research. There may be niche wires that are relevant to your app and targeted audience which will be much more likey to cover your release.

A press release about Friendship Travel’s app on a niche travel wire, more examples here.

That’s all from us folks, hope we’ve provided you with some good tips, and remember you can read all of the tips in one place here.

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2 replies

  1. This article has some great information about researching niche wires and attention grabbing headlines. I’m wondering if small start-up businesses should hire a copy-writer to write a great press release?

    • Hi Donna

      If you don’t have any previous experience writing press releases it is probably worth you investing in someone to help, at least for the first couple until you know exactly how information should be phrased!

      Good Luck!


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