Quick Guide to App Marketing: Tip 3 – Social Media part 3: Blog

Today we bring you the final part of the social media trio from the “Quick Guide to App Marketing“, blogs.

The blogging community can be immensely influential; all you need is one popular blogger to write about your blog for it to snowball introducing your App to a whole new online community.

Start by featuring the app on your own blog, this will also help with SEO.

Roth and Ramberg’s Blog Post – See more here.

In order to get your App written about you need to first find relevant bloggers and build up a good rapport with them: read their blogs, comment on their posts and get involved with what they have to say.  When you’ve built up a good relationship you can send them your app link to see if they like it. If they do, there is a chance they will write about it. But remember, bloggers don’t like being approached to do your marketing for you, so make sure you spend time building up a relationship first.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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