The Apple iPad Trends & Statistics 3

Nine months since YUDU Media presented Trends and Statistics 2 we’re back with our latest report: Trends & Statistics 3.

In this third trends and statistics document, we will look at Apple’s current and projected position in the market and display that although Apple is set to face increasingly stiff competition; all signs suggest that the device will continue its tablet dominance for the foreseeable future.

Although the tablet landscape has changed dramatically throughout 2011, the iPad and the iPad 2 remain the benchmark by which all other tablet devices are judged, and if the quarter has proven anything, no device is yet to meet the lofty standards set by Apple’s devices.

Both the current and projected sales figures have proven that the iPad is still king in the tablet market, and will remain the key player in an industry that is set for unprecedented overall year-on-year growth up until at least 2015.

But the newest threat to the iPod’s tablet dominance is perhaps the largest. Amazon’s Kindle Fire looks set to be able to offer a unified service that rivals the iPad’s own. Its established presence as a content-delivery channel has resulted in 95,000 devices being pre-ordered on day one.  2012 therefore looks set to see the continuation and escalation of the battle for tablet device supremacy.

While this may be slightly troubling news for Apple, the larger pool of tablet devices can only be considered as a positive for digital magazine publishers.

As we reported in a recent blog post, the Kindle Fire will be geared towards media consumption, and in particular, interactive colour reading experiences. It is truly exciting and encouraging for Amazon to put their name to hardware that allows for this kind of reading.

Perhaps what it emphasises more than anything however is the enduring potential of the industry, and how important digital reading experiences will be in this overall growth. If Amazon’s faith is well placed, 2012 looks set to be a huge year for tablet magazine publishers and the devices they are viewed upon.

iPad/iPhone users can download the document directly from the free YUDU Media App, by selecting “iPad Trends and Statistics 3”  once inside the App. For anyone without an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, the document can also be read online by clicking here. We’re also made a nice little infographic to help you visualize the information.


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