Quick Guide to App Marketing: Tip 3 – Social Media part 1: Facebook

Today’s tip from our “App Marketing Guide” is Social Media, more specifically Facebook.

People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook- a huge proportion of the time an individual spends on the internet. Your goal is to make sure that several of those minutes are spent by people talking about your App, and browsing your Facebook page.

Facebook Welcome Page

Facebook have a nifty little feature that allows you to add a default Welcome Page. In fact you can actually add up to 14 tabs which will pull in any design from an iFrame. This means you can dedicate a whole page to your iPad App. This is easy enough to do, check out these blog posts about it for a full explanation.

Off the Easel’s Facebook Homepage – see more examples here.

Wall Posts

Keep your fans updated with posts about your App and new content published into theApp.The aim is to get as many comments and likes as possible, that way you are more likely to appear on the Top News section on News Feeds.  So ask questions, encourage debate and respond to comments.

Another tip is to tag people in your posts, someone who has featured in the publication perhaps, that way the post will also appear on their wall – expanding the exposure further.

A post from DJ Mag – more examples here.


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