Apple launch Newsstand as part of iOS 5

Apple yesterday launched its much anticipated iOS 5 service for its customers. Amongst the 200 new features the update offers, the most significant to publishers will no doubt be the release of the Apple Newsstand.

We’ve already had a few questions from our users asking how to get the Newsstand up and running, so in this blog post we’ll provide a quick run-through of how you can access the tool (its pretty easy, don’t worry..).

1) The Newsstand is available to owners of the iPhone, iPod touch iPad or iPad 2, so firstly plug your device into a computer operating iTunes version 10.5. If you do not have this version an automatic prompt should pop up allowing you to download it, but if not go to the iTunes store and click ‘check available downloads‘ to get the latest version.

2) Once plugged in, click Update on the Summary screen for the device and an automatic prompt for iOS 5 will appear. Once downloaded, a Newsstand App will be automatically loaded onto your device.

Remember, You can’t upgrade unless you have at least iTunes 10.5, so make sure you have updated the software before you begin the whole process.

Happy Reading!

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