The iPhone 5 release that never was…

…So, more observant readers of our blog might have noticed a slight issue with our post yesterday entitled “iPhone 5 expected to launch today!”
We fully expected Apple’s shiny new iPhone 5 device to be launching to rapturous applause, fawning praise from technology enthusiasts, and ‘sold out’ signs prepared in mobile shops the world over. Except none of that actually happened. Instead the event marked the release of a souped-up version of its current model, in the form of the iPhone 4S.

Not the iPhone 5

The new device will look exactly the same as its older brother the iPhone 4, except underneath the glass screen several upgrades have been made.
Amongst the changes the iPhone 4S comes with an A5 processor – the same one that powers the iPad 2. This, Apple claim, will deliver sharper pictures with better colours and a greatly improved graphics engine for those who use their phone to play games. The iPhone 4S has also improved on its parent device with faster data upload and download times, an 8 megapixel camera and1080p video recording.
But perhaps the crown jewel of the device is Siri – a voice-activated assistant, which recognizes a wide variety of commands. With this feature you can do all manner of things. Dictate text messages that are transcribed in-front of you, manage your agenda with voice-activated reminders and ask it questions like “where is the nearest Chinese takeaway?” and “where’s my iPhone 5?” (might struggle with an answer for that though…).
In the UK pre-orders for the iPhone 4S are being taken from October 7th and will be on general sale on October 14th.

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