YUDU.com is re-branding to YUDUfree!

In a slight rejigging of our different product websites, YUDU.com will be undergoing a re-branding this week to YUDUfree.

As part of the switch, YUDU.com will be making a permanent move to its new home at free.yudu.com.

So what does this mean for YUDU.com users? Well, not a lot actually…

Your YUDU libraries, publications, content, bookmarks and everything else will be automatically redirected, meaning people viewing your content will still arrive exactly where you want them to. There will be no site downtime and reading, publishing and purchasing wont be affected at all.

All you need to remember is the new home page address will be free.yudu.com.

You might also be wondering why we’re taken this decision.Put simply, the free publishing site is only one service that we offer under the YUDU umbrella. As well as YUDUFree, we also offer a platform for professional publishers, which enables web, mobile and tablet publishing (previously known as YUDU Pro). As the core element of our business, we took the hard decision to move this Pro service to our main web address, with all our other products under the YUDU.com umbrella.

So to reiterate, you wont need to do anything except remember that YUDU’s free publishing homepage can now be found at free.yudu.com. If you do forget though and end up on YUDU.com, there will be clear signposting to send you in YUDUfree’s direction!

More info can be found at  http://www.yudu.com/info/weremoving/, or if you have any other concerns or questions then please don’t hesitate to email the team at yuduquery@yudu.com.

We look forward to you and your users continued support of our free publishing service.

Many thanks,
The YUDU Team

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