YUDU Study: Scaling the Cloud

As part of our effort to bring users the most up-to-date news and information, each week we will be blogging on one of the most significant points from the world of technology. In this first post, we are focusing on cloud computing and how it corresponds with a business model…

While specific aspects of cloud computing appeal to different business models, it is the benefits at the heart of this relatively new system that have meant almost all IT-dependant businesses have had their heads turned (at least a little) by the technology.

Its central premise is this: Cloud computing removes the need for a cumbersome and expensive in-house system of servers and networks – which are all prone to wear and tear – by connecting via broadband to a system maintained and operated by the service provider. It is cheaper, easier to maintain and more spatially efficient than a local IT system.

These three benefits lie in the very fabric of the cloud computing system, and become even more pronounced when considered in light of cloud computing’s applicability with a scalable business model.For businesses with scalable IT infrastructures, cloud computing affords a degree of flexibility which allows users to scale up or down the size of their IT system in response to the needs of the company. It can be a response to an immediate upturn in business after an advertising campaign, or can be a scheduled downscaling as a result of seasonal activity patterns.

This is not all new though, it is true that data centres have provided horizontal scaling in the form of hardware additions for many years, however the service orientated vertical scaling is one of the most desirable features of the cloud.  With this vertical scaling, data can be more easily managed and security services can be advanced and developed to meet new demands.

By way of example, we at YUDU Media can monitor our user statistics in terms of readership, site views, publication uploads etc and accurately assess the correct technology, server and networking power it needs to support its customer base.

This ability to vertically scale your business through the cloud once again reinforces the price, space and maintenance benefits of the cloud system. Why own expensive hardware that will need to be upgraded? Why hire an army of IT pro’s to slowly replace your system? Why risk over/under providing for your existing customer base’s needs? For companies with IT facilities that need to scale quickly and effectively when shaping their business, the most suitable alternative to these issues is found in the cloud.

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