2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

For three weeks in August, the city of Edinburgh plays host to the largest festival of arts anywhere in the world.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe brings together thousands of artists performing comedy, dance, theatre, musicals and music to create a heady cocktail of entertainment available.

With hopeful performers all keen to pack you into their shows, its not always easy to decide the best way to spend your time at the festival. Is the comedian handing out flyers to his own show really as side-splittingly funny as he says? or might it be better to take a look at all the goings on at the festival?

If  your answer is the latter, the official Edinburgh Festival Fringe guides are once again being made available for free via YUDU.

The daily guide’s provide day-to-day listings of what delights are on offer, meaning visitors can ensure they’re going to the perfect performance for them- whether that is poetry performed by a Coventry based cleaner or stand-up from one of the festivals many  TV-friendly comedians.

This weeks guide can be read here, but for all the issues during the festival the free app available via this very link.

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