The Party season is upon us…

We’ve reached that time of year when a large chunk of Brits decide to cut loose and spend some of those squirreled away holiday days partying on a European Island. Now as nice as the Isles of Scilly are, it’s likely that holidaymakers are thinking of an island with a few more clubs and bars, and a bit less English weather.

While there are plenty of destinations out there to meet these criteria, it is Ibiza above all others that has become synonymous with the clubbing holiday, due to its unparalleled clubs and world-famous resident DJ’s. In celebration of this, DJ Magazine have published a special issue dedicated to all that is taking place on the Island during its legendary Summer Season.

The first issue of two Ibiza summer specials reads like a clubber’s handbook, featuring maps, club and bar guides, restaurants and even a survival guide that features sagely advice about everything from Spanish SIM cards to recommended footwear. As well as all the practical advice, DJ’s Pete Tong and Judge Jules offer a hand with night out selection with their own hand-picked club and DJ recommendations.

If this magazine could pack your luggage, you get the feeling it would do that as well.

Even if you’re not going to find yourself on the Island this summer, the free DJ Mag app is still very much worth a download. Inside, both free weekly editions and the monthly issues can be downloaded and read from your own armchair dance floor. Unquestionably, all the video and audio found in digital editions massively benefits the written content; it is a music magazine after-all.

The free app can be downloaded here, where the Ibiza special edition can be read completely free of charge alongside all other copies of DJ Weekly.

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  1. This is not in regard to this post, but the lack of discernment Yudo subsribes to, as they allow cyberbully’s to carry out their attacks through publications of a slanderous and obvious nature. If a bankruptsy notice is published, do you really think the victim wants those details up for the world to see!! Please be more careful about what you allow. Identity theft, defamation, libel are all very real to the poor person underseige by a sociopath.

  2. Hi Julia,

    YUDU has a clear publishing policy that we require all our users to follow. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of uploads to our site daily, prohibited content may on occasion pass through our inspection process. If you would like to report unsuitable content, you can send any information you have to where it will be rigorously checked by one of our team.

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