New Apps Now live: Information Age and Burgess Superyacht

We are pleased to announce the launch of Information age and Burgess Superyacht on the App Store.

The two YUDU-developed apps are available to download right now on iTunes,  but before you all rush off to download them, have a read below to find out some of the best features each one has to offer.

First up, The Information Age app. This monthly magazine gives businesses a unique insight into how they can best implement technology and information solutions in the workplace. It provides specialist news, features and company analysis from across the IT and technology industry. For those businesses looking to remain on the cutting edge of corporate technology, this app is a perfect fit.

On to something completely different, Burgess Superyacht app offers users the best choice of large yachts for sale and charter anywhere in the world. The app provides news, advice and reviews, alongside photographs of the jaw-dropping yachts themselves. It might seem like an app only for the rich and famous, but even if you’re a bit of a dreamer with a pair of deck shoes, this app is definitely worth a look. Oh and don’t worry, its free to download.

So if its businesses, boats or both that you’re after today we’ve got you covered. Be sure to pop over to iTunes and download these fantastic new apps now.

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